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Welcome to my home page!

My adventure with photography began over 9 years ago.

I’m still trying to improve my skills by giving myself new challenges and learning new photo technics. My favorite part about photography were always landscapes but working with people gives me a lot of fun and inspirations. It was also a reason to build a photo studio at home and start to shoot some commercial images. The combination of all these projects together with new travel destinations make my photography more complete.

My photography is more that just a hobby. It’s more like a creative lifestyle in beautiful colors …

You are very welcome to enjoy my portfolio.


Piotr Wawrzyniuk

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Whisky tasting evening in Brokamåla Gård
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Musical in School
I’m proud to say that the last two years I have been working for a school in Olofstrom. Project: Musical in the 9th grade! 2016 2017  ...
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New images found worldwide
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